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Repair & Regulation

Pianos contain thousands of moving parts, most made from wood, felt and steel. Like any complex machine your piano requires occasional repairs and adjustments in order for the pianist to be able to express themselves musically without any hinderance from the instrument.


Repairs can be anything from sticky keys and squeaky pedals to a complete action rebuilding. Whatever it may be that is not working correctly, I can fix it for you.



Regulation can be compared to a tune up for your car. It may get you to where you want to go, but it will run rough and lack peformance. As the working parts of your piano are cycled thousands of times, felt and leather parts wear and compress and wood parts can warp and change dimensions.


The result is usually a piano that developes a weak and sloppy feel, and the loss of dynamic control makes it difficult to play from soft to loud accurately. Add to that repeating hammers and those that won't check, and the expressiveness of your playing suffers greatly. Regulation consists mainly of making several different adjustments to each note in order to restore the original geometry of the many moving parts to allow each note to operate correctly.


Whenever I am tuning and find the piano to be more than a bit out of regulation, I will discuss the improvements and costs with my customer to see if they would benefit from having the piano regulated.

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